"Uzbekistan is holding a balanced, neutral position on the issue of Russia's conflict with Ukraine" - Sherzod Asadov

"Since yesterday, I have been receiving requests from media and bloggers to comment on the outcome of the recent phone conversation between the Presidents of Uzbekistan and Russia" - reports the Press Secretary of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sherzod Asadov.

"In this context I would like to inform my colleagues the following.

In addition to pressing issues on the busy bilateral agenda, the leaders of Uzbekistan and Russia also exchanged views on the unfolding situation around Ukraine.

Russian president touched upon the rationale and circumstances of the decision on the special operation.

In turn, Uzbek President expressed hope that the parties would soon find mutually acceptable ways to tackle the situation and prevent its further escalation.

I would like to note in particular that Uzbekistan is holding a balanced, neutral position on this issue. Uzbekistan traditionally enables close, cordial relations with both Russia and Ukraine. We are interested in ensuring peace, stability and sustainable development in our vast region. All disputes and disagreements that arise must be resolved solely on the basis of international law" - the statement reads.