Uzbekistan received permission for cargo transit through Turkmenistan

As of June 1, Turkmenistan has allowed cargo transit to Uzbekistan. However, there are a number of requirements.

According to this list, vehicles must travel in convoy, drivers are not allowed to stop and leave the cab, and more.

The route runs through the checkpoints "Farap" on the border with Uzbekistan (checkpoint "Alat") and "Serakhs" - with Iran.

Trucks will move through Turkmenistan in a convoy, which will be formed at a distance of 1 km from the borders of Uzbekistan and Iran, which will start forming at 8:00 a.m.

The convoy will be escorted by the traffic police. Drivers are prohibited to stop and get out of the cars while driving.

Special parking lots are provided for drivers to rest, refuel, and maintain vehicles.

In case of malfunction or other problems during movement, the vehicle is taken out of the convoy. Law enforcement agencies together with the Turkmen Road Transport Agency will provide the driver with practical assistance in problem solution.

A number of other requirements and conditions must be met in order to transit through the territory of Turkmenistan:

Drivers must present the documents necessary for registration of transit through the border of Turkmenistan for special sanitary treatment;

Vehicles are subject to sanitary cleaning;

When crossing the border, it is necessary to present the results of PCR test for COVID-19 (at least 72 hours in advance) or a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus (at least 42 days from the date of the last vaccination);

People are required to pass a rapid test for COVID-19 at the post.