“Virgin Galactic” reopens space tourism ticket sales

Virgin Galactic is reopening sales of its $450,000 tickets that get customers a 90-minute joyride aboard an air-launched rocket that brushes the edge of space.

The company already has about 600 reservations from its first round of ticket sales, which priced a trip to suborbital space at about $200,000 to $250,000 per seat. The company announced Tuesday that the tickets will go back on sale February 16, requiring a $150,000 deposit with the full amount due before flight.

During Virgin Galactic's latest earnings call in November, CEO Michael Colglazier said the company had been testing its sales process during the prior few months and had sold about 100 seats at the new $450,000 per-seat price point. The company is working to sell a total of 1,000 seats before it begins commercial operations.

Meanwhile, Virgin Galactic's chief competitor in the suborbital space tourism game, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, has launched three successful crewed missions for celebrities and paying customers. (Blue Origin has not disclosed how much its tickets cost.