Walt Disney to halt operations in Russia

The Walt Disney Company has suspended all business activities in Russia. Walt Disney, which owns Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios, is halting all its activities in Russia, including content production and licensing, in connection with the “military operation” in Ukraine. This was announced on the official website of Disney.

On March 1, the company ceased deliveries of its films to Russian Federation. Now, according to Disney officials, "all other types of business" in Russia - licensing of content and products, Disney Cruise Line, National Geographic magazine and the TV channel of the same name - will be stopped.

Sony Music Group and Warner Music Group have also, preliminary, suspended business in Russia. What is more, Discovery Inc. also stopped broadcasting of its channels and online services. A total of 15 Discovery Inc. channels were broadcast nationwide, including Animal Planet, TLC and Eurosport.