What are the results and changes for the development of viticulture expect in 2021-2022?

A 4-day training seminar on the development of viticulture is being held in the Altyaryk district of the Fergana region.

This seminar was opened by Deputy Prime Minister Shukhrat Ganiev with the participation of Minister of Agriculture Jamshid Khodjaev.

“On the instructions of the head of state, heads of 47 districts specializing in viticulture were invited to this training seminar,” said Minister of Agriculture Jamshid Khojaev.

The main tasks for the further development of viticulture in Uzbekistan were identified.
1) Develop a program aimed at growing grapes;
2) Support entrepreneurs in creating clusters and cooperatives that can provide the necessary production chain;
3) Provide assistance to clusters and cooperatives in the preparation of business plans;
4) Establish the activities of laboratories for the certification of grape seedlings;
5) Establish the work of five in-vitro laboratories;
6) Create five nurseries (each with a capacity of 2 million seedlings per year);
7) Expand the introduction of drip irrigation in vineyards.