What conditions have been created in the CEC for journalists?

Elections are an important political process, and the media plays an important role in this process. It is important for citizens to follow each stage of the elections in order to more actively participate in them. The Bright Uzbekistan team will tell and show the conditions for journalists created in the CEC press center.

We can see the following conditions and conveniences in the CEC press center:

The press center is fully equipped with computer equipment so that journalists can work on their material calmly and without unnecessary problems.

High-speed Wi-Fi is installed in the press center, which is very important for the efficiency of journalists.

The press center also has a canteen for media representatives. This opportunity can be used by every journalist who comes to the Press Center.

In addition, the event hosted a presentation of the image of the election campaign - the election logo, which was given a broad description.

When creating the logo, international experience and three main aspects were applied:

a specific date (election day);
understandable symbolism for all;
the color of the national flag.