What sanctions are being imposed on Russia?

The US, UK and some of their allies have imposed sanctions on Russia, after it recognised two rebel-held areas as separate from Ukraine.

The EU is sanctioning 27 Russian individuals and organisations, including banks. It is also limiting access to European capital markets — cutting off the ability to access funds from EU banks —and banning trade between the EU and the two rebel-held regions.

Some 351 members of Russia's Duma, parliament's lower house, are also being targeted with sanctions.

US sanctions announced on Tuesday are intended to hurt Russia's ability to finance its military efforts. They target two state-owned banks the US has said are key to Russia's defence sector. They will no longer be able to do business in the US or access the American financial system.

Americans are now banned from doing business in the rebel-held areas of Luhansk and Donetsk, after Russia recognised them.

But the White House said it could impose wider sanctions "should Russia further invade Ukraine".

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced sanctions against five Russian banks and three wealthy Russian businessmen.