Why is the President displeased with the sale of land at auction?

The president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, deprecated the plan to raise 400 billion UZS by selling land at auction as unsatisfactory. The President noted that 14 hectares of land in Tashkent region were sold for $ 3.5 million US. "Why is this money going into someone else's pocket, not the state?" - he asked.

“Just one example: the illegal sale of a 14-hectare plot of land in Tashkent region for $ 3.5 million US should make all leaders think. Why is this money going into someone else's pocket, not the state?” Shavkat Mirziyoyev asked.
"Imagine how much money the government is losing! How many schools, kindergartens and roads could be built with this money? Why don't the governors think about this?” - he stressed.

Tashkent region received only 18 billion UZS from the sale of land in the region last year. "This is the price of 5-10 hectares of land at the market price" – Shavkat Mirziyoyev went on at the event.

At the meeting, the governor of Syrdarya region Gafurjon Mirzayev and the governor of Khorezm region Farhod Ermanov were reprimanded for slow organization of privatization. In addition, the heads of departments of the State Assets Management Agency in Syrdarya, Khorezm and Bukhara regions and the director general of “Uzagroservis” were fired.
In August, the Interior Ministry reported that two citizens had been arrested in the Tashkent region's Bostanlik district for trying to sell a 16-hectare plot of land for $ 5 million US.