WizzAir Abu Dhabi plans to expand cooperation with Uzbekistan

The meeting of the Deputy Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade Sh.Vafaev with the delegation of WizzAir Abu Dhabi (UAE) headed by Managing Director Michael Berlui was held at the MIFT.

For reference: WizzAir Abu Dhabi is a low-cost airline based at Abu Dhabi International Airport, is a joint venture between the state investment company of the emirates - ADQ and the international holding Wizz Air Holdings.

The importance and relevance of the agreements reached on the launch of regular flights of the airline on the routes Abu Dhabi - Tashkent - Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi - Samarkand - Abu Dhabi with a frequency of 4 flights per week in each direction were emphasized. Flights are planned to be launched in the 4th quarter of this year.

The management of the ultra-low-cost airline WizzAir Abu Dhabi shared its plans for expanding flight destinations in the budget price segment. Thus, the launch of new flights will satisfy the growing demand for air travel between the UAE and Uzbekistan, ensure the availability of tickets, increase passenger traffic between the two countries, which will ultimately have a positive impact on unlocking the tourism potential of Uzbekistan.