To which countries does Uzbekistan sell its products?

The Agency of Statistics under the President provided information on partner states that had a high share in Uzbekistan's exports in January-March 2023. According to the agency, during the period under review, the largest number of goods and services were exported to Russia (the volume of exports amounted to $736.2 million).

Uzbekistan also sold products worth $336.4 million to Turkey and $334.1 million to China in the first three months. Kazakhstan is also mentioned as one of the main buyers with a total import of products from Uzbekistan worth $280 million.

The top ten countries are:

Afghanistan - $178.2 million;
Kyrgyzstan - $166.2 million;
Tajikistan - $117.7 million;
France - $97.1 million;
UAE - $47.1 million;
Pakistan - $44.4 million