During the XVI plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, a number of amendments to the laws were adopted

In particular, the draft laws "On official statistics", "On courts", "On the State language of the Republic of Uzbekistan"were approved.

The Law "On Official Statistics"

In the current system, the law "On Official Statistics" does not apply to the activities of other ministries and departments for the development of statistical data, but only regulates the activities of state statistics bodies.
In order to eliminate this problem, the Law introduces the term "official statistics" instead of the term "state statistics" or "national statistics".
If State statistics provide for statistical data generated by statistical bodies, official statistics cover statistical data prepared and distributed by all statistical producers.

The Law "On Courts"

The current Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Courts", adopted in 1993, was developed in the first years of independence, it does not fully reflect the profound changes in the judicial system. The new version of the Law "On Courts" improves the basic principles of justice and the procedure for reviewing judicial acts, strengthens the status of judges, guarantees their independence, the requirements for candidates for the post of judge and elected persons are brought into line with international standards, the disciplinary responsibility of judges is reviewed, the grounds and procedure for suspending and terminating the powers of judges are clarified, and social protection of judges is provided.

The Law "On the State Language of the Republic of Uzbekistan"

The current Law "On the State Language" does not disclose issues related to a special state body that ensures the implementation of this Law. This kind of rule is enshrined in the new law.