18-meter accordion buses will be launched in Tashkent

Pursuant to the presidential decree, 1,063 new buses will start running in the capital by 2025. Of these, 53 will be 18-metre high-capacity buses to be launched in 2023. These "accordion buses" run along 11 highways of the capital.

This news was stated in the presidential decree of February 2. In accordance with this decree, in the period 2022-2025, it is planned to create 1063 new bus rolling stock in the capital. Of these, 673 are electric buses.

It is intended to purchase 410 new buses in 2022, 253 in 2023, and 200 new buses in 2024-2025. In terms of 2022, 20 electric buses were delivered to Uzbekistan. It was announced that the remaining 390 vehicles would be delivered within a year.

Starting next year 53 large-capacity buses (out of 253 buses) will also be delivered, whose length amounts 18 meters. The middle of the bus will be an "accordion" so that the level of the turn of the transport corresponds to the parameters of the road.