An old car like an old man, and launching it, means a heart attack for an old man.

A fire broke out in the engine compartment of the Gaz-53 truck due to a short closing in the Sersuv street of the Pakhtaabad district of the Andijan region, on June 9. As a result, the engine and the interior of the car were seriously damaged.

Have you ever considered, why car fires happen?
In most cases, majority of fires are caused by old cars. The main reason is almost always a technical problem.

Of course, sometimes in new cars also may occur unexpected fires. Actually, new fire occurred because there was technical problem somewhere, and due to it, such an unpleasant situation occured. Today, especially in rural areas, most transportations of people which make people’s lives easier are outdated. Even getting into some cars, can make you feel afraid. But such techniques serve people for years.

In our nation there is such a saying: "The jug is broken not every day, but one day can be broken". But it was not designed only for delivering. We also can see passengers on outdated cars, buses and minibuses. If you say that, it suits village people, they can use it, but also we can see the outdated transportations in our dear capital. It is especially amazing that, we can see transportations which are older than my father in Tashkent city communal services and in transport enterprises. When you stand in front of buses, drinking water, sewers and some of the machines that are used in heating technology for enterprises today, you feel like you are back in the 60s and 70s of the last century.

Again, most of them are cars which are intended to transportation of workers.
So who can guarantee that there will be no unpleasant situations in these transportations?

Actually, the economic opportunity of enterprises cannot update such equipment suddenly. But, while there are different kinds of branches and fields are progressing in our country, how we can stay indifferent to these kinds of cases? Does these organizations not help through preferential loans and other financial sources?

In addition, how long will the employees of the utility services continue to be "the next foot of the dog"?

When there is a malfunction in utilities, you and we citizens know how to complain. But, we have ever asked how they are doing?
We witnessed such a situation recently. The transport had to drive along a big road after a car intended for water pipelines. Believe it or not, but if you walk, you could get to the destination before he. The age of transport was minimum 60n or 70.
If you think logically, how you can demand, run from an old person.In our opinion, officials responsible for technical inspection of these transportations also ignore their communal reasons, and on our time. The vehicle in this case should not pass through the technical inspection, not to mention that serve the public.

In any case, we live in the 21st century, the century of innovations. Developed countries refuse to liquid fuel and moved to electric cars. We, at least ourselves, can update the means of transport that serve to public and provide safety. For changing it, responsible officials should have enough wish. Today, in new Uzbekistan you can find all the opportunities.