Banknotes of 200 thousand rubles will be put into circulation

Since July 15 of this year, it was decided to issue Money Tokens in the form of banknotes with a nominal value of 200 thousand rubles.

This was reported by the press service of the central bank.

The theme (theme) of this banknote is dedicated to the ancient history of the Great Silk Road and the Fergana Valley in the country.

On the right side of the banknote on a hungry background there are water signs in the form of tuya and the number 200000, as a symbol of the ancient “Great Silk Road”.

On the right side of the banknote is a sheet of paper with a width of 4 mm blue color, the effect of "siljish", the inscription "UZB", a microoptic and machine-readable protective strip.

The main color of the front and back is turquoise, which is in harmony with other colors.

Banknotes are printed on a protected sheet of paper, the front and back of which are covered with a special varnish.

P.S. Before that, the largest banknote was considered a banknote with a nominal value of 100 thousand rubles.