Google halted advertising sales in Russia

Google has announced that it will stop selling online advertising in Russia. This applies to the search engine, YouTube video service and all external publishing partners. The company linked the suspension to Roskomnadzor's demands.

Google has temporarily banned the sale of any online advertising in Russia. The ban applies to advertising on search pages, YouTube video hosting and external partners.

"Due to the state of emergency, we are suspending Google advertising in Russia. The situation is evolving rapidly and we will proceed to share updates as needed,” the company said. Earlier, Google banned Russian state media from purchasing or selling advertising using its technology.

Roskomnadzor on Monday asked Google to stop showing ads that contained inaccurate information about the deaths of Russian troops and Ukrainian civilians.

On March 3, it demanded that Google stop releasing YouTube ads with "false political information" about Ukraine that "misinform Russian audiences" about the "military operation."