Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

What this country has not experienced, who just did not want to capture it. But the true children of the Motherland have always cherished and respected it as the apple of their eye. Fortunately, the names of these children have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Dear President, Today we have every right to include you in the list of truly selfless children. The fact that you are leading a caravan in the directions that our people dream of, and that the brightest directions are getting closer, increases the trust and love of this great nation for you. Today you have shown what a great leader you are, leading the country to the heights of development, addressing the world, which is currently experiencing dangerous global problems.

Today, welcoming the blessed age, you have taken upon yourself the responsibility to become the father of the people. We wish you good health, family happiness and peace of faith in the fulfillment of this noble and very responsible task, leading people to a brighter future. May the great Creator always support your reforms for the benefit of our people and the future of our country.

Happy Birthday!

Sincerely, the «Bright Uzbekistan» team.