Rabbit meat - most costly meat in Uzbekistan, 2021

The State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan has announced the average prices for some types of food products in the country's retail stores. According to published data, in January-November 2021, the most expensive meat in Uzbekistan was rabbit meat. In addition, according to official statistics, rabbit meat is at sale only in stores, and not in dekhan markets.

The analysis indicated that in January-November last year, the average price of rabbit meat was 71,708 UZS per kilogram. Additionally, if in January the price of a kilogram of diet meat was 54,386 UZS, in November it climbed to 78,569 UZS per kilogram.

From the above data, it can be seen that in the last year's price segment, lamb was in second place with an average of 66,521 UZS per kilogram, and beef was in third place with 64,069 UZS.

The list followed by fish with 30,890 UZS and poultry with 24,661 UZS per kilogram.