The President noted the need to further expand the system of support for people with disabilities

From June 1, war veterans and people with disabilities, single elderly people will receive a monthly increase of 270,000 soums in their pensions and benefits for the purchase of food and hygiene items.

In addition, they will be compensated 4 million soums per year for the purchase of clothes.

In addition, the governors of regions, districts and cities have been instructed to expand the scope of this work at the expense of local budgets, "notebooks" and the "Saxovat va koʼmak" Fund.

The President noted the need to further expand the support system for people with disabilities. Including:

Starting from May 1, enterprises that employ people with disabilities will receive a subsidy of 400,000 soums per employee for 6 months;

Self-employed people and people with disabilities engaged in handicrafts receive subsidies for the purchase of equipment and tools, which are trained at the expense of the state.